David & Gregory are personal trainer from Brooklyn, NY. David Gregory TV is their blog about fitness, health and healthy living.

What do David and Gregory write about here? They write about fitness, healthy living, yoga Prospect Heights, exercise tips, healthy eating/nutrition and anything else health related. For the latest from Dave & Greg sign up for their newsletter. This information provided by a Prospect Heights Yoga will make you a believer.

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Why You Should Do Yoga

Celebrities who engage in yoga swear by it; and looking at their bodies, you can easily see why. Many praises are sung about yoga: its medical benefits, its ability to relax you, it can get you fit and on and on. Although it is not the cure –all that many people believe it to be, […]

Yoga is Good for You

Yoga can help with a number of ailments. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, you could be missing out on a variety of health benefits. Yoga is an exercise that is known to reduce stress and anxiety, while building muscle and overall strength. There are many types of yoga, so you should try a few […]

Fitness tips for seniors

FITNESS TIPS FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE Physical activity and exercise are beneficial and should be included in everyone’s life, and the elderly are no exception. Experts say that physical activity is the only thing that is known for sure to increase function in old age. A few minutes of exercise everyday can greatly improve the quality […]